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FAQ’s for job seekers

Q1. What steps do I need to follow to get a job in the jewellery Industry?

A. The first step to finding jewelry work is choosing a specialty and profession. The jewelry industry has many different professions available, including a designer, jeweler, retail or sales professional, store manager, gemologist or jewelry buyer. After finding your specialty, you know what education and experience is required.

Q2. What is the pay package offered in the jewellery industry?

A. Entry level
Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15,000 per month
Highly qualified/experienced
Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 50,000 per month
Ultimate earning potential
Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 1,00,000 per month
* Salaries can vary greatly based on the individual, job description, employer and geographic area.
The salary information presented by us on Jewel jobs. in is compiled from a number of sources from within the jewelry industry and does not represent exactly what a specific job with a specific company will pay. Salary ranges vary widely in different parts of the country, and the salary offered for a given job will depend upon an individual’s previous experience and training, the company offering employment, and local market conditions. Career changers and those with extensive volunteer or non-profit experience may find, even though their resume falls outside the jewelry industry, their existing skills allow them to command a higher salary or advance more quickly. Some career pathways offer fairly well-defined salary ranges, while others (like wholesaler/importer, designer, manufacturer, retail management professional) have the potential for much higher top-end earnings. The ranges listed on Jewel jobs. In are based upon extensive jewelry industry salary surveys, an overview of available salary information from parallel occupations outside the jewelry industry and the most recent and relevant salary data available from Public libraries, trade magazines, and industry websites and job listings may help you find more detailed salary information for any specific career pathway or occupation within the jewelry industry.

Q3. Do I pay a Jewel Jobs. in to find me a job?

A. No, it is against the law for us to charge a job-seeker for registering with us or for finding you a job.

Q4. Will I definitely get a response to my CV when I send it into Jewel

A. It is our business practice to respond to all CV’s we receive. However, given the vast volume of CV’s received by us and shortage of time; we recommend that job-seekers should follow up themselves if they have not received an acknowledgement.

Q5. Will I be interviewed by Jewel jobs. In?

A. If we feel that your skills/experience is suited to particular positions available then you will be called for interview. However, it is not always possible for us to interview all applicants that apply for roles with our website.

Q6. How should I treat the interview with the agency?

A. Job-seekers should treat the interview with the agency as their first interview as the agency will shortlist candidates to be put forward to employers for interview based on their CV and interview with the agency.

Q7. Will my references be checked?

A. Usually it will be the employer that checks references for permanent positions however; At some instances we may do so on behalf of the employer. Either way they are obliged to seek the candidate’s permission first.

FAQ’s for Employers

Q1. What job areas do you cover?

• We cover job areas like
• Gem & jewellery professionals
• Designers
• Production/Manufacturing and Maintenance
• Retail sales and business development
• Front office and secretarial
• IT Telecom/Software
• Professionals/Freelancers

Q2. How do you organize your search?

• Identifying the need of the recruiter
• Employee or Intern referrals
• Scheduling an Interview
• Pre Screening Test
• Reference checking and verification (on request)

Q3. Can Jewel jobs. In obtain a work permit for a candidate?

A. No. Work permits will only be issued to the employer that directs and controls contracts with and pays the employee. Therefore only the end employer can obtain a work permit.

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